Spinal Degeneration

One of the more apparent effects of spinal nerve damage is spinal degeneration. By the age of 30, important amounts of spinal degeneration is found in over 1/3rd of the North American population. By age 70, it is found in nearly everyone, often in advanced stages. It is present in 198,000 cases of people who are bed ridden or chair ridden.

In general, most of us face these phases:

Degenerative Phase One

From birth to about age 20.

Our posture is distorted. We have some muscle. joint and nerve damage.
there is a loss of normal spinal curve. We have less energy and height
may be diminished.     Chiropractic spinal care response is generally very

Degenerative Phase Two

From age 20 to age 40.

Decay is usually increasing. Discs and spinal canal are narrower, Bone
deformation may occur. Aches and pains and fatigue are more common,
as is reduced stress coping ability. Decrease in height continues.
Chiropractic treatment can significantly improve this.

Degenerative Phase Three

From age 40 to 60

Nerve damage typically increases from greater posture imbalance creating permanent scar tissue. Physical and perhaps mental weaknesses even leading to disabilities from more advanced bone deformation. We tend to lose energy and height also. Chiropractics can usually provide some reversal.

Degenerative Phase Four

From age 65 and up

Perhaps permanent loss of some height. Increasing inability to turn, twist and bend. Cartilage and bone degeneration, even bone fusion, leading to discomfort and sometimes constant pain. Greater physical and mental weakness, possibly disability. Left without care, this is often irreversible, and Chiropractics may be able to provide relief of symptoms only.

Chiropractic care can often reverse spinal degeneration, particularly when it is found early.

Many situations can be reduced, halted or even reversed by improving posture and spinal balance and by keeping discs, nerves and joints strong and healthy.

Chiropractics is designed to provide us with a preventive approach to keeping us healthy, preventing spinal degeneration before it gets started. Spinal Checkups for all adults and children need to be a positive part of everyone’s health care.